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Light the fire within

Camp Fire to send over 500 snowflakes to Newtown, Connecticut

Camp Fire plans to spread holiday cheer to the Newtown, CT community. Camp Fire got word that the Connecticut PTA is requesting paper snowflakes to be sent to Sandy Hook Elementary so that the temporary school building will be decorated as a winter wonderland when teachers and students return from the holiday break.

Immediately, the Camp Fire National Youth Advisory Cabinet (consisting of 17 youth nationwide) committed to sending over 100 snowflakes on behalf of Camp Fire, and word began to spread. "All of a sudden, we had schools participating, sorority chapters, a dance studio, everyone felt that this was the least we could do to support the Newtown community," said Hannah Hasslequist, marketing program specialist. "We just want the community to know that we are here to provide support long term, for as long as they need."

To date, over 500 snowflakes (nationwide) are being sent to Sandy Hook Elementary from Camp Fire.

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